The Society was originally a group of share traders who used a Technical Analysis software package called Metastock to trade the markets. This is still commonly used at our meetings although members use alternative software packages which are also discussed and in addition to shares we also look at forex, CFDs, futures and commodity markets. In 1997 we formed ourselves into an Incorporated Society.

The society has evolved into a large group of traders who utilise many different types of software and techniques, from Amibroker to Tradestation. Our main focus is in teaching poeple to develop and backtest trading systems that use many different types of data, from price and volume through to quantitative data representing the markets fundamentals, like ending stocks to usage ratios, price to earnings ratios and the list goes on. If it can be represented on a chart and backtested to form a profitable trading system we are interested.

We are primarily concerned with teaching people how to trade in a profitable way, as opposed to being biased towards any individual technique. If that includes simply using technical analysis that’s great, however we are not limited to technical analysis on its own and we understand that fundamental data can also be utilised to form profitable trading decisions. As part of being affiliating with international organisations such as IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) and the ATAA (Australian Technical Analysts Association) we offer a formal course in technical analysis which gives people the Certified Financial Technician (CFT) qualification which can be studied through IFTA or through Kaplan in Australia via distance education.

This qualification is expected to form an important educational requirement for industry professionals, such as financials advisors, fund managers etc as a part of their ongoing CPD requirements. The benefit is as a trader you will also meet industry professionals who are also members of STANZ.

“To establish personal contacts between traders inside and outside New Zealand with a view to promoting the theory and practice of technical analysis and technical analysis related fields like quantitative analysis, systems trading and backtesting. To provide meetings and encourage the interchange of ideas and information for the purpose of adding to the knowledge of members and teaching them to be better traders. To encourage the highest standards of professional ethics and competence among members.” (A full copy of the Constitution is available to all members on request).

Technical Analysis in the past has included the study of historical price and volume movements and is based on the premise that such examination of past movements will assist in determining the probable future price trend. Historically technical analysis has ignored fundamental analysis on the basis that those details will already be reflected in the price, however given the advent of the ability to quantify fundamental data and illustrate these numbers on a graph in conjunction with price and volume we are also very interested in illustrating quantitative fundamental data graphically or as part of a back-tested program and believe that any form of data that impacts price and can be backtested and illustrated graphically forms part of the technical analysis field. We are equally interested in using both technical or fundamental data to identify turning points in the market and forecast the direction of future prices. Technical Analysis can be applied equally well to share prices, commodity prices and other financial instruments such as forex, CFDs and options.


A Computer

A fairly standard multimedia computer is required and if you are a member of the Society, we are able to offer suggestions on the specifications to ensure an that your computer is appropriate. One really important part is the Monitor and it is almost standard equipment to have a 17” or better screen with the best resolution available.

A Software Program

There are a number of Charting packages available. Members of the Society will give new members information freely and cheerfully on what they use.

Both New Zealand and overseas data can be purchased locally and the Internet opens up the International Bourses for economical information capture.

Internet Trading Facilities

Apart from the traditional methods of dealing with share brokers, it is now possible to to buy and sell securities over the internet via a licensed share broker in many countries around the world. Again, our members will happily explain how they transact their sales and purchases.




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