Time: 7.15pm for 7.30 pm start

Market Sentiment: Allan Kerr

Dow and SPI200 Indices: Andrew Gibbs will provide insights into the direction of these

indices through the application of public and commercial activity and seasonal patterns

to complement conventional technical analysis

Breakout Sessions (~7.45-9.00pm): Chart discussions

Please bring one chart (6 copies) of interest for discussion within a small group if

at all possible. Providing a chart is not compulsory and you will be welcome and able

to join in without one.

The key points for the evening are

- Chart should be of a favourite or interesting indicator or trading signal or one on

which you wish to seek advice from the group – a point of discussion

- Write the key points on the chart and provide copies to breakout group members

- Introduce to the group in no more than one minute

- Discussion by the group for up to 5 minutes

- Each group member has a turn

- The group will select one chart and a presenter to present back to the meeting –

the purpose is to share useful items with all attendees

Feedback to the Meeting (~9.00-9.30pm)

Videos will be available to hire – if you require a particular one please let Colin Hoare know (ph 577-5775).