David Hunt – 4th March 2015

Crystal Ball Gazing for 2015 for Share Markets, Gold & Commodities & FX

Predicting the Future is a hard task made Easier by using Cycles and backed up by have good Charting skills when things go ‘pear-shaped’ as the English are wont to say.
Using WD Gann theories, Cycle Work and Pattern Analysis and even some of his Economics degree David will give you an outlook of what he sees as the shape of the stock markets to come.

Should you be in? Out? Or continue to be in doubt?

David will present his 2015 Annual Forecast and 3 Strategies You Can Use in 2015
He will analyse current shares and markets and give ample time for questions while you will learn how to make Elliott Wave useful for traders and even investors
Every market day David Hunt advises Traders, Investors Brokers, Planners, fund managers in what to buy and sell and what should happen in his Profit Hunters Group http://profithunters.com.au and Australian Shares Report Australian Share Investors Charting newsletter http://australiansharesreport.com.au

With 32 years Financial markets experience ranging from Proprietary Trading Macquarie Group, Funds management (remember to ask him about that one) trading large Billions of Dollars in Forex, Interest Rate Futures and Commodities to protect Company’s exposures to risk and also speculate.
A popular guest on Australia’s Sky Business, commentator on Australian Financial Review and co-founder of the Australian Technical Analysts Association and Vice President of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association http://apta.org.au
Dawn Bolton-Smith of Your Trading Edge Magazine says
“David Hunt is 1 of the Top 4 Technical Analysis in the World”
Also an author in the Wiley Trading Guide II

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