Each month STANZ holds a 90-120 minute meeting in Auckland New Zealand where we invite accomplished local and international speakers to present the trading techniques and analysis that they utilise in their own trading. We have had many well known international speakers present at our meetings, imparting valuable information about how to trade shares, forex, commodities and futures. These speakers have included Dr Van Tharp, John Carter, Richard Arms, Dan Gramza from the United States to name a few, Nick Radge, Colin Nicolson, Darryl Guppy, Brent Penfold, Frank Watkins, Allan Hull, David Hunt as well as many others from Australia and Tim Rea, Julian McCree, Warwick Rope, Allan Kerr, Rachel Hunter, John Flynn, Gordon Sutherland, Andrew Gibbs, Imre Spicer and many more from New Zealand. Many of these speakers are accomplished traders and investors managing many million of dollars in their own trading or on behalf of clients and have certainly introduced many trading ideas and techniques to help both beginner traders and professionals alike.


Unlike many of our counterparts STANZ understands the importance of online communication and making our monthly meetings available to members outside of Auckland, in other parts of New Zealand and around the world. In 2013 we began recording our monthly meeting presentations and making these available to our members. This has the advantage of making the meeting available to our local members who cannot attend the presentation along with the added benefit of making STANZ great value for money for people from all over the world as they can now listen to each of the meetings, along with powerpoint presentations etc. In addition we have also made our video library available through our website and we have over fifty educational videos from people like Darryl Guppy, Colin Nicolson, Nick Radge and Alexander Elder available to our members. We think STANZ offers great value for money at only $75 per year. Think of what you get, access to our meetings, educational material and the ability to get to know some of the world’s greatest traders.


Australia has a highly recommended Diploma Course available through Kaplan which if you are a member of STANZ you have access to at a discount. This may be done with lectures within Australia but there is also allowance for a Distance Course. In addition STANZ members may also study the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) course which also gives members the opportunity to obtain the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) qualification. We must say however that at this stage our primary goal is to simply teach useful or at least interesting trading techniques that you can apply to your own personal trading.

We are able to offer STANZ members the IFTA Journal in hard copy form.


The IFTA Journal is the pre-eminent annual publication established by the International Federation of Technical Analysts. It is collated by a committee of IFTA colleagues. The IFTA Journal is essential reading for academics, students and practitioners of Technical Analysis in all arenas. It is an excellent reference source for those interested in Technical Analysis, containing a wealth of resource material.

The annual IFTA Journal publishes original, well-documented papers and articles on a diverse range of topics related to the technical analysis of financial and commodity markets. The Journal provides colleagues and interested persons with continuing education in Technical Analysis. The broad editorial content helps colleagues remain informed of the developments and leading body of work in Technical Analysis.


Our members often meet informally to explore ideas and fine tune methods


STANZ will support and assist the development of sub-groups in other areas. Can you help? Contact Us



Technical Analysts almost always develop a system that suits the way they individually trade. At STANZ our goal is to impart knowledge so that you, as a trader can develop you own trading systems and trading techniques for futures, commodities, forex, stocks and CFDs. We can help you with software selection, trading ideas, market knowledge and experience and what it takes to become a successful trader.



There are a number of great books available on the subject of Technical Analysis, too many to list. The absolute Bible of Technical Analysis is a book by John J Murphy, “Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets” ,which should be included in any library on this subject. I believe every application of charting is included there. There are many other books which may also be useful. Our members have found the courses and books by Larry Williams, Nick Radge, Jack Schwager and many other to also be very useful. Talk to our members, we all have our own trading style and many of our members mimic quite successfully the trading styles of these market experts.



Seminars are held or supported each year with local and international speakers. Some of these speakers are renowned worldwide and are held in high esteem internationally. Our seminars have gone a long way to achieving our educational objectives and make a broader market view available.



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