Epsom Community Centre.
200 – 206 Gillies Avenue, near the corner of Gillies Avenue and Kimberley Road.
Park in the lower car park with access off Kimberley Road

WHEN: Wednesday 13 July 2011

Time: 7:15pm for 7:30 start

Topic: Price Action Strategies

For this months STANZ meeting we will be viewing a presentation given at the ATAA conference last year by Charles Browne. Topic: Price Action Strategies. In this presentation you will learn how to effectively read price without indicators. Charles will discuss a range of techniques that enable you to take advantage of underlying market sentiment. Learn how to: identify panic, greed and indecision, know in advance that a sideways range is about to begin; recognize that market sometimes shows weakness immediately before strength, identify in advance the likely direction of the breakout from a pattern, and identify whether or not a breakout is likely to fail.

Charles Browne is a full time private trader and is the Immediate Past ATAA National President and Life Member. He has been an ardent student of price action for over 15 years and has traded the markets since 1972, full time since 2004. Charles has lectured in technical analysis since 1996, and has given numerous presentations in cities across Australia. He has traded a variety of financial instruments including index futures, currencies and equities.

August 3 meeting

Presentation: Andrew Gibbs of Strategic Capital Management

Utilising Time and Price for Forex and CFD Trading

In this presentation Andrew Gibbs will outline his latest research on how a combination of both time and price can be used together to generate high odds trades across a range of markets. Initially Andrew will look at EUR/USD and present two price and time of day setups that historically have been shown to offer an extremely good risk/reward ratio. Following this Andrew will then look at the medium term timeframe and how a combination of price action and seasonal movement in the stock and CFD market can be combined together to generate trades that win over 80% of the time with a win:loss ratio of over 3:1 and a very low drawdown with a holding period on average of around 40 days. Andrew will go into the driving force behind seasonal movement and how to analyse why the market shows a seasonal bias and why these trades should continue to work into the future.