Epsom Community Centre.
200 – 206 Gillies Avenue, near the corner of Gillies Avenue and Kimberley Road.
Park in the lower car park with access off Kimberley Road

When: Wednesday 19 June 2013

Time: 7:15pm for 7:30 start

Presenter: Paul Botterill

Topics: Intraday Trading Success

Paul has been a fulltime retail trader and educator for the last six years. He has traded and educated traders throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia and has now settled in the Financial hub of Singapore where he trades from his home office. He is well respected both as a trader and for his ability to break trading down into simple easily understood steps for students. Paul will talk about his unique pathway to intraday trading success. This pathway has not only lead to Paul’s consistent success over the years, but has seen several of his clients make stunning returns from day trading. Many retail traders still fail and Paul will explain why they fail, and the practical steps traders can take to increase the probability of intraday success.

He will include an inside look at his own trading strategy including the risk management, psychology, indicators and basic entries. Paul specializes in trading the EUR/USD on a 30 minute chart and trades only around 10 hours a week. Much of his trading is done live in front of an audience looking to learn his strategies and gain from his explanations of how the markets work. He will share all the basics of this unique strategy that has worked 27 of the last 28 months, a simple strategy that defies common retail trading beliefs and is not taught outside of his trading circles.

Paul explains “The entries are simple, where the market looks long I go short. There are no tricks it’s a simple set up with high probability and lower reward to risk. We win a huge percentage of the time. Once we are off video I will share and demonstrate an entry with attendees that we haven’t lost on since October last year.”

While Paul spends about 80% of his time on the EUR/USD strategy he also trades the other strategies that his company teaches. He works closely with clients and runs a private trading forum for over 400 traders. This gives him direct feedback on what methods are working best in today’s market and the opportunity to work with traders around the globe to evolve those methods. Paul will share some exceptional results from the traders in that forum and outline the methods they are using to achieve them.

Expect a wide ranging informative evening delivered with some humor and great insights from a man who loves to trade and his happy to teach the very methods that make his income.