Crippled Children Society
Training Room,
Lower building – turn right into long carpark, drive to far building at the end
14 Erson Ave., Royal Oak.
Ample parking. Don’t be late since the doors have to be locked from the inside each night

WHEN: Thursday 15 July 2010

Time: 7:15pm for 7:30 start, same location

Keynote Presentation: Day Trading Equities on ASX

Presenter: Sean Nofal, AmscotOnline Manager.

At a time when some have been questioning the appeal of long term buy and hold strategies, the current highly volatile markets can make for highly profitable day trading on ASX. In sluggish markets, there is particular appeal in avoiding the “gapping” risk associated with holding positions overnight when key global markets can gyrate wildly.

Sean Nofal has 9 years experience in the stockbroking industry, where he has successfully traded on a prop trading desk and built up and managed amscotOnline. Sean will give some insights into day trading on ASX, and what he believes you should focus on if you wish to day trade profitably.
He is well placed to advise you on the profit potential, risks and most useful techniques involved in active equities trading.

This seminar will appeal to those who:

- currently trade actively in equities on the ASX;
- are considering regular equities day trading;
- believe they need further guidance to achieve consistent profitability in the day-trading; or
- are feeling hampered by brokerage rates which are too high to make trading profitable.

Door Charge
$10 for members, $25 for visitors, Membership: $75 per annum.

Coffee and biscuits follow the meeting where it is an opportunity to talk to other members. The committee looks forward to seeing you and remember visitors are always welcome.

Please invite your friends to come.

“Everyone can now participate profitably in high activity trading” Sean Nofal

DVDs and Videos
DVDs and Videos are available to hire. Please refer to our web site and place your order before our next meeting.