Epsom Community Centre.
200 – 206 Gillies Avenue, near the corner of Gillies Avenue and Kimberley Road.
Park in the lower car park with access off Kimberley Road

When: Wednesday 13 March 2013

Time: 7:15pm for 7:30 start

Presenter: Tim Rea

Topics: World Cup Trading Experience

Tim will share some insights from his experiences and what he sees as significant keys to his own results that may help others improve their own trading.

Tim won first place in the World Cup Trading Championship in 2011 and placed third in 2010, both with triple digit returns. The World Cup Trading Championships are the yearlong real money trading contests where legendary trader Larry Williams gained notoriety in 1987 with a return of 11376%.

Tim is a US registered Commodity Trading Advisor and a full time trader with over a decade of experience in the markets. While he started out using technical analysis with discretion he moved to trading fully systematic and automated a number of years ago. He works with system algorithms to develop his own unique systems for the markets he trades.

Tim currently trades with a portfolio of nearly 100 systems that implement a wide range of different underlying methodologies and timeframes and would trade in excess of five hundred times round trip a month across about twenty different Futures contracts as well as Forex for his own accounts.

A short video interview with Tim can be seen on this YouTube link